Short Stories

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Katarina O’Brian lives with a secret, one that she has hidden from most of the world her entire life. When she tries to warn others of an impending epidemic, of a sickness like no other, no one listens. Until its too late and both secrets, her own and the one no one wanted to hear, boil to the surface. Will she stand alone between the world and the disease history will remember as REAPER?

Pro Se Productions Presents REAPER by HC Playa, a Pro Se Single Shot spotlighting the central character from DAUGHTER OF DESTINY, Playa’s full length novel, also available from Pro Se Productions.


forgotten past

A young world full of promise, potential, possibility—Earth, but the Fae brought with them the same hate and fears that tore apart their world, turning Tuatha Dé Danann against Dédanaan. In the shadows the Dédanaan whisper to humanity even as mankind bows down in worship before its new gods. Invaders from the worlds they left behind resurrect the war they believed over, with humanity’s fate as the new battleground.