Betrayals- Book 2

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Kieran laughed a mirthless laugh. “It was my lack of humanity that my father disliked.”

Kieran’s sister re-entered his life four years ago, only to turn it upside-down. Her appointment as liaison between humanity and the Fae brings their father to worry his enemies will target them, and he forces Kieran to live on Earth. Exiled from Fairy, Kieran resists all attempts to connect with his human heritage, until fear and grief rip away his indifference. As chaos and death threaten Earth and Fairy alike, Kieran must decide who he is and what he’s fighting for—or risk losing everything.

Delaney Larkin has always known who she is and who the enemies are—or so she thought. Healer and mage, she was taught to fear and hate the Fae, but when Kieran walks into her life she begins to question those deeply ingrained beliefs. Just as she begins to trust him, all hell breaks loose, and once-clear lines blur. While humanity battles for survival, Delaney must decide where she stands in Betrayals, the sequel to Daughter of Destiny. From Pro Se Productions.