About- H.C. Playa


Writer, mad scientist, professional white belt (long story), wife, mother, and animal wrangler, H.C. Playa leads a busy life. Her friends say she’s fascinating, but in her world, “fascinating” means aliens have landed in the backyard. Unless the aliens are disguised as chickens, she’s pretty sure her life is just as mundane as the next person.

An avid reader since the precious age of four, she devoured books from numerous genres, but science fiction and fantasy hold a special place in her heart. A true Gemini, she couldn’t quite make up her mind what her favorite genre was and so decided to weave bits of science fiction, fantasy, romance, and action into one tale. Thus, Crossroads of Fate series was born. Betrayals is her third published novel and she is also the author of several short stories that have appeared in magazines and anthologies. To find out more about the author, visit her blog at hcplaya.wordpress.com. For freebies, art, and more, you’re in the right place!


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