Zane’s Log 7/27/2039

So, it turns out that if you’re an alien living on a foreign planet, the governments of said planet get a bit tetchy if you ask to use their communications relay to call a friend.

Who’d have guessed, right?

It isn’t like they were overly concerned with bandwidth usage or something. There aren’t exactly a lot of people that know about the communications relay system, let alone folks who know how to access it–for now. They offered to forward a message, provided it was scanned for secure information first.

Sometimes I think these quizarks forget I was military. I understand security. Hell, I have security clearance here, but I’ll be damned if I let them read or watch personal messages. Granted, it isn’t as if I am sending a sext to Katarina, but still, I don’t like the idea of a government grunt getting a glimpse into my private life.

It’s been awhile since I last heard from Coran. I wanted to see how he was doing. We did a whole lot of missions together and I miss him. Unlike Katarina, I can’t just think a message across the universe and neither can he. So what’s an earth-bound alien to do? No, peanut butter candy was not involved, but a certain computer engineer was. Robert came over with a bottle of whiskey after he heard I was pissed. Halfway through the bottle he started spouting technobabble and a week later he comes over with some device, hooks it to a computer and I can now send encrypted, stealth emails to Coran whenever I like. He said, getting the relay to accept the worm to do the same encryption on Coran’s incoming file was the challenge.

I have no idea what a worm is or how it works, but that man is a genius. I heard back from Coran today. He seemed excited to hear from me and asked a million questions about Katarina, the kids, and Earth. He mentioned a few things that suggest there are galactic humans wielding magic now. Katarina and I are worried, as humans are a minority out there and the last thing they need is something else to label them as outsiders. We have too much to handle here though to really worry about what’s going on out there. We’re banking on lack of knowledge keeping things low-key out there. Magic was always a thing IGC inhabitants associated with primitive, superstitious worlds. Earth had just enough wild magic remaining that spells and whatnot are all over the internet and any half-wit with a bit of talent can screw things up royally with that stuff.

Speaking of which, I just got pinged that some quizark tried to hold up a bank with a  magic tornado, which he lost control of and now he and half the bank staff are stuck in the bank vault, which is the only part of the bank still standing. I swear….

Kieran can go play weatherman. I don’t have to show up unless the idiot kills someone.



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