Zane’s Log 9/29/2038

My wife has a thing for antiques. I’m fine with this, but before we got married she never got around to fixing any of them up. Her living room looked like a flea market. Had you asked me two years ago what a flea market was I would have had a strange mental image of bugs selling stuff. Since then I have been towed to more than I care to count. I don’t mind. It’s intriguing seeing all kinds of gadgets and kick-nacks that at one time were popular.

In an effort to make our house a bit more visually appealing, I have taken on the tasks of learning how to refinish furniture, reupholster, and other bits of what Katarina calls handy-man jobs. My wife didn’t know the first thing about any of that. Robert, however, told me of the marvelous invention: Youtube.

There are videos for just about every possible thing you can imagine, and well, plenty for stuff I didn’t really want to imagine.

My first project maybe ended with a puddle of paint and tiny footprints tracked all over the house. I have switched to working on the back porch. This should keep little hands and feet out of stuff….at least until they learn to open doors.

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