Zane’s Log- 9/4/2038

I have a shitty job.

Hell, every job I have ever had has been shitty. Why? Because in every one of them I was dealing with the worst kinds of people. Let me clarify, because you might think I have quizark coworkers. No, the majority of people I have worked with have been brave and admirable people, albeit with a few exceptions. *cough* Xu *cough*

Since my first gig as an informant on my home planet, Trusca, for what you’d think of here on Earth as local police, I have tracked, spied upon, infiltrated, deceived, and killed criminals. You know what? I’m damn good at it.

Grian, the queen of the second house of the Fae, tried to stick it to Katarina when hammering out a treaty with regards to humans and magic. I was not going to let my empathic wife send herself into a suicidal depression or suffer physical backlash from personally executing humans who had used magic to kill. So, yeah, I volunteered for my current shitty job.

The police, FBI, lawyers, and courts do the same that they have always done for ordinary crimes. I’m one of many (now) that get called in when a crime is ruled as a CBM or DBM (crime by magic/death by magic). We track down the perp because a non-magik cop may not be equipped to handle whatever he/she/they toss out. Once apprehended, they’re dropped at a heavily warded detention facility until they appear before the Judgment Council. Katarina is required to sit on every murder case, which I think is kruula crap, but high and mighty Grian didn’t ask my advice before issuing her edicts. The rest are an assortment of Mages and Judges.

Unlike in a regular court, there are no advocates. The accused is placed in a warded circle and a spell is cast that forces them to speak the truth. A huge scrying glass displays whatever memory is called up as they answer questions. It isn’t perfect. I figure there’s plenty of room for potential abuse of the system, but that’s the same for the regular courts. In any case, the process is redundant, because there’s always someone on the tracking team that can scry and you can’t change the past–at least humans can’t. Who knows what the Fae can do? Thankfully, they don’t mingle with humans.

Yes, I know, my wife is half-Fae. My father-in-law is Fae. You know what? He’s a scary S.O.B. at times. Most days he’s a nice guy, if perhaps a bit ‘above-it-all’, but I’ve seen his eyes flash red and he pinned a man up against a wall and made him scream for a solid minute because he called Katarina something I shall not repeat. Finn never actually touched him. He didn’t need to. I imagine he could have killed the guy with equal ease and wouldn’t have thought twice. It took both of us to talk him into letting the quizark go. Even scarier? The Fae are not subject to human laws. Oh, I imagine we could try to prosecute for something like what Finn did, most humans aren’t suicidal enough to try it.

Just like in regular courts, there’s different degrees of severity, even when murder and magic are involved. It’s one thing to commit a crime a crime with magic and inadvertently cause a death. Those people have their powers bound and are giving the option of a regular criminal court or a Judgement Council sentence. So far it’s about fifty-fifty. Half opt for regular courts and the other half just want the thing done with and have the Judgement Council pass sentence. Let’s just say that their punishments are a bit more creative than prison.

People who use magic to kill, be it a curse or whatever, they are executed. That’s the shitty part of my job. My face is the last thing they see.

I’m perfectly fine with that.

There was a time that bothered me– the fact I WAS perfectly fine with it. It didn’t seem like something a normal person should be okay with; Katarina set me straight. I was protecting innocents from further harm. She was right. I’m taken lives in battle, in undercover ops, and in service to the Judgement Council. Only as an undercover ops agent did I really start doubting my actions and the orders I was given. The lines were blurred and I wasn’t sure whom or what I was protecting. Now? The person I send on to whatever existence is beyond this one made a choice and I am the repercussion of that choice.

I stand for the victims, the fallen, and the innocents, and I’m more than okay with that– I’m proud of it.


2 responses

  1. Anne

    Ah Zane, I’ve had jobs that were bad, but none of them quite this horrific. I do admit I like seeing one of your other sides. Let me know if you want me to buy you a scotch or beer or something. [If your author will let you. 😉 ]


    September 4, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    • southerndreamer

      Finn introduced me to some damn fine scotch. (The faerie is almost as old as dirt and definitely older than scotch, so he knows his stuff.) Next time I’m in your neck of the woods I’ll take one.
      Katarina told Kieran today that he should go out tracking with me. He’s bored, so he said sure. Guess who is the only one insane enough to partner with him? Yeah, I may need a whole bottle…


      September 4, 2015 at 10:56 pm

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