Zane’s Log- Earth Date 8-26-2038

I got a traffic citation today. Me! I’ve been flying since I was sixteen. I handed the officer my IGC license. He told me he’d never heard of IGC. Great. I even explained what I IGC was, and how I was the guy that incapacitated the big giant alien ships two years ago.

“Ships? Don’t know what you’re talking about.” He then handed me a citation. “Court date is at the bottom. Get a license pal and get your head checked. Aliens? As if! ”

Seriously? Two kraghakti years and I swear half of Earth pretends the whole Goloth invasion never happened. How can you not know who the hell IGC is? My face was plastered on the internet for a solid month.

Katarina won’t be sympathetic. She did tell me to get a license. Four hundred eighty-six worlds, including non-aligned worlds, recognize an ICG pilot’s license, but no, Earth insists you get a country specific piece of plasti. I swear. Some days I think Earth’s bureaucracy is as bad as the IGC’s.

And you know what? That officer didn’t even tell me why he pulled me over in the first place!

Now I get why my father-in-law just shifts space.


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